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circa 2014, Raul's in NYC

New for 2022! We've started our own nursery!

Introducing field-grown perennials, flowering trees, and shrubs. Select plant materials will be provided in our 2023 landscape architectural projects. Field-grown from our farm to your garden.

A new way, a new day, for sustainable field-grown plants.

Landscaping and stonework, earth, trees and streams, feel the magic of your perfect living space.


Rooted in the Hudson Valley and Catskills for more than four decades, Mother Natures Art Director, Robert George, is available to work with you from fantasy to reality, concept to completion, design and build. Live in harmony and balance with the elements, in the design which explores and enhances your unique self. Benefit from the magic of Mother Nature. 


Talking dirt never serves. Vibrant growth comes with healthy soil. Let’s work together to discover the best choices for your land and home.



28 Linden Farm Lane,  Red Hook NY 12571

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